Turkey Creek Sign

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A few weeks ago, Ben purchased a new camera — the Nikon SLR variety. Though I do not purport to be an excellent photographer, I offered to go on a few shoots with him to show him some of the less obvious features of his camera. We took our first hike through the woods with Dexter on Saturday.

Based on the photos he took, I honestly think Ben has a better eye for them than I do. We parked by Schenck Forest, but it does not allow dogs, so with Dexter in tow we started the hike toward Umstead. We took a quick right on the Loblolly Trail, and didn’t see another soul until we were back inside Umstead proper. It was a great chance to enjoy the beautiful morning weather, let Dex run around a bit, and take a few shots. As usual, I was disappointed with the photo opportunities presented by the Piedmont forest. To experience it is a wonderful thing, but the visual aspects — color, contrast, patterns — are just not as interesting as I might like. With that said, having Dexter along did give us the chance to take pictures of him.

Dexter Running

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